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A little bit about Mindly

Mindly is focused on the healthcare and wellness sector, building an online marketplace for mental health specialists and their clients. We’re on a mission to make psychology accessible, understandable and useful to everyone, to help people live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. We’re executing that mission with the help of technology and AI. Our goal for 2030 is to help make one billion lives healthy, happy and fulfilling.

What makes Mindly unique?

It's the combination and synergy of three things that makes Mindly unique and stand out from the competition:

  • Our laser focus and uncompromised stand on the quality of our therapists - we are building a very extensive selection, vetting and onboarding process
  • Focus on building second to none customer support - as we strive to win customers not just for a month or a year, but for life.
  • Our fixation on constructing a best-in-class technology infrastructure - will enable us to iterate and ship new cutting-edge product features quickly and efficiently, with a data driven design and development mindset and approach.

How we work?

Mindly offers a hybrid working model. Team members can work partly remotely and partly from our office located in the very heart of Kyiv at 10 Khreschatyk Street. We hire people we trust, and we give team members autonomy to do their best work.

As a Growth Marketing Manager you will:

  • You will develop and execute online and offline campaigns, including gamification, digital marketing, brand partnerships, on-ground activation, etc. to drive traffic to digital channels.
  • Identifying, developing & optimizing growth channels to drive revenue growth.
  • Analyzing marketing data and user feedback (campaign results, conversion rates, traffic, etc.) to help shape future marketing strategies.
  • Proposing new initiatives to attract prospects and convert leads as well as testing new approaches to capture existing demand.
  • Providing input & expertise to drive efficacy of marketing activities.
  • Planning and executing initiatives to reach the target audience through different channels.
  • You will work on a Marketing team managing our Marketing Manager and 2 part-time remote specialists: Marketing Copywriter and Graphic Designer.

In this role, you will:

  • Grow MRR and customer base by identifying opportunities across the whole funnel.
  • Build growth framework and launch growth experiments from idea to execution on weekly/monthly basis.
  • Add new ideas with description and hypothesis to the growth framework, prioritize by scoring, run based on the score, analyze the results and write down your findings and next steps when completed.
  • Understand user behavior and make data-driven decision.
  • Discover gaps in our product and marketing initiatives.
  • Conduct growth experiments that are directly tied to revenue growth.
  • Identify opportunities for growth, hypothesize outcomes, implement experiments, measure, analyze and report.
  • Be responsible for content amplification/distribution.
  • Create a story to tell — a story that has the power to captivate, engage, inform, surprise, and impact their audience, and connect that narrative to measurable business goals.
  • Give recommendations and contribute to the optimization of marketing strategies.
  • Determine the feasibility and profitability of new markets and/or existing campaigns.
  • Foster and execute marketing and sales experiments by analyzing forecasts.
  • Measure the impact and outcomes of marketing activities.
  • Focus on data-driven revenue maximization.

We’re looking for someone who

  • Embodies our values (see below).
  • Has a proven track record in growth marketing at a product company.
  • Is analytical, always ready to hustle and never takes no for an answer.
  • Is skilled in content marketing and is able to empathize with our customers.
  • At least 5+ years of experience, preferably in a product company.
  • High level of self-organization, ownership, and responsibility, a great collaborator with excellent communication skills.

What will be a huge plus?

  • Willingness to learn and improve your skills
  • Interesting in working in a rapidly growing data driven product startup company
  • Desire to become an effective and inspiring team member of a growing engineering team

What we offer?

  • An opportunity for personal and professional growth, supported by a friendly and professional team, latest technologies in production and the exciting challenges that come with joining a company at the start of its rapid growth trajectory
  • An environment free of bureaucracy and corporate constraints; a culture where your opinion is highly valued and appreciated
  • An open, collaborative, dynamic and supportive culture
  • A monthly allowance for therapy sessions on
  • A competitive financial package, with generous leave allowance

Application steps:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Online interview
  • Office interview, meeting the team
  • Full day workshop with the whole team

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What's important

Our values

There are five values that are near and dear to our hearts, and these values enable us to work as an effective team, building fantastic products for our customers

Strive for perfection to achieve excellence

"Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great" - John D. Rockefeller

Never stop learning

“Knowledge is power” - Sir Francis Bacon

Embrace change

"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly" - John F. Kennedy

Never give up and be resilient

“Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities” - Dale Carnegie

Believe that nothing is impossible

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin" - Tony Robbins

Why are we building Mindly?

First and foremost, because we believe that psychology is becoming ever more important in our lives today. With rising living standards, improved physical healthcare and ever-growing flow of information through social media, mental health problems are on the rise and front and center like never before. We want to help people live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. These are not just words, it’s how we feel and what we believe in, and we know that it's possible!
CEO Mindly
Dimitri Podoliev
CEO, Mindly